• Princession Orchestra Unveils First Main Video: Three Princesses Battle
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Princession Orchestra Unveils First Main Video: Three Princesses Battle

The first main video for the entirely original TV anime 'Princession Orchestra,' set to air in 2025, has been released.

Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple

Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple(C)Project PRINCESS-SESSION

In the latest PV, the world of Alicepia, a mysterious land connected to the video-sharing site "Alicepia Channel," is introduced. The cute residents of this world, the Alicepians, love living joyfully.

Facing off against the mysterious monster Jamaock, which threatens Alicepia, are the three princesses: Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple, Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal, and Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor. How will Minamo's fragment of song and the new character who appears to be an Alicepian tie into the story? Anticipation is high for the princesses' adventurous tale.

Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor

Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor(C)Project PRINCESS-SESSION

This project is a collaboration between King Records, Aria Entertainment, and Takara Tomy, with UNISON (Aria Entertainment’s new content creation brand) and King Records handling the original work.

Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal

Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal(C)Project PRINCESS-SESSION

The team behind the project is impressive: planning and original concept by Akifumi Kaneko (creator of the "Senki Zesshou Symphogear" series), directed by Shin Oonuma (director of "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya"), original character designs by Mari Shimazaki (character designer for the "Bayonetta" series), series composition and scripts by Manta Aisora (original creator of "Nyaruko: Crawling with Love"), and character designs by Yukiko Akiyama, with SILVER LINK. producing the anime.

Minamo Sorano

Minamo Sorano(C)Project PRINCESS-SESSION

The music in the series is handled by Elements Garden, Aria Entertainment's music brand. With the involvement of Aria Entertainment and King Records, who have worked on the "Senki Zesshou Symphogear" series, and Takara Tomy's participation in designing actual items appearing in the main story, this new project combines music, anime, and toys, appealing to both children and adults with various planned developments.

Minamo Sorano

Minamo Sorano(C)Project PRINCESS-SESSION

The main heroines' voices are portrayed by Azusa Aoi as Minamo Sorano/Princess Ripple, Yuri Fujimoto as Kagari Shikibe/Princess Zeal, and Azusa Tachibana as Nagase Ichijo/Princess Meteor.

Princession Orchestra


Alicepia—a mysterious land that has existed somewhere in the world since long ago. The residents, the Alicepians, love living joyfully, but the appearance of the mysterious monster Jamaock has gradually threatened the peace of Alicepia. If this continues, the sparkle of Alicepia will be lost. Even in this crisis, the 'Princesses' who never forget the song in their hearts embark on an adventure. Packed with courage and energy, it's a pop song fantasy—Princession Orchestra!


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