• 【Disney】 Moana 2: Tomona Yabiku and Onoe Matsuya Return for Disney's Highly Anticipated Sequel
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【Disney】 Moana 2: Tomona Yabiku and Onoe Matsuya Return for Disney's Highly Anticipated Sequel

Disney has announced that Tomona Yabiku, who voices Moana, the girl chosen by the sea, and Onoe Matsuya, who voices Maui, the demigod and legendary hero, will return as the Japanese voice cast for the sequel to the animated film 'Moana' (2016), titled 'Moana 2' (scheduled for release on December 6). A special dubbed video has also been released.

Moana 2 Japanese Voice Actor Tomona Yabiku as Moana and Onoe Matsuya as Maui

'Moana 2' (scheduled for release on December 6) featuring Tomona Yabiku as Moana and Onoe Matsuya as Maui (C) 2024 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

'Moana' is based on the mystical legends passed down on idyllic islands inspired by Polynesia in the South Pacific, featuring an expansive and beautiful ocean. It tells the story of Moana, a sea-loving girl who embarks on an adventure to find her path, despite her struggles and doubts. The film was released in Japan in 2017, drawing 4.23 million viewers and grossing over 5.16 billion yen, making it a huge hit.

Tomona Yabiku, reprising her role as Moana, commented, "I was very happy to hear that Moana would be embarking on a new adventure." Matsuya Onoe, voicing Maui, also expressed his excitement, saying, "I always hoped for a sequel. It was a surprise for us too, and I am really looking forward to it." He also spoke about his co-star, Yabiku, "Since we've had various opportunities to work together since the previous film, we've been able to form a good rapport. I'm very excited to approach this with such a good relationship."

The previous film featured the song "How Far I'll Go" sung by Moana, which was nominated for the Best Original Song at both the 89th Academy Awards and the 74th Golden Globe Awards. Music is one of the major attractions of this series, and this time, young, talented musicians Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, who won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album at the 64th Grammy Awards, have been tasked with composing the songs.

Yabiku expressed her anticipation, saying, "I'm very curious about what kind of songs we will get this time. The previous film had truly wonderful songs, so I expect this one will have many new songs that paint vivid pictures."

In the newly released special video, Moana, now the leader of the island, heads back to the sea with new companions and a new boat, watched over by her family and islanders. Set three years after the previous film, it shows a more mature Moana declaring, "A new adventure begins. I want to find my friends somewhere in this ocean, no matter what..." alongside her trusted friends Heihei the rooster and Pua the timid, crybaby pig who joins them on this journey. The ocean is filled with a school of gracefully swimming dolphins and a whale shark glowing with mystical light, as well as the mischievous, but somehow lovable coconut pirates, Kakamora. The video also teases a massive, ominous entity trying to engulf their ship amidst the rough seas and concludes with a reunion scene with Maui, the demigod who controls the wind and sea. The stunningly realistic animation of the southern islands, beautiful skies, and the vast ocean, along with the epic scale of the story, raises expectations for the film.