• 【Jesus】 Saint☆Young Men THE MOVIE Teaser with Main Footage & Holy Men Transformation Visuals Revealed
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【Jesus】 Saint☆Young Men THE MOVIE Teaser with Main Footage & Holy Men Transformation Visuals Revealed

The teaser for the live-action film "Saint☆Young Men THE MOVIE Holy Men VS Demon Army" (set for release on December 20), directed by Yuichi Fukuda and based on Hikaru Nakamura's gag manga "Saint☆Young Men" (currently serialized in Kodansha's "Morning Two"), features main footage for the first time and reveals visuals of Jesus and Buddha transformed into Holy Men (Super Saint).

Saint☆Young Men THE MOVIE

Saint☆Young Men THE MOVIE Holy Men VS Demon Army (releasing on December 20) Holy Men Transformation Visual © Hikaru Nakamura / Kodansha © 2024 Movie "Saint☆Young Men" Production Committee

"Saint☆Young Men" depicts the daily lives of and as they enjoy a vacation in a 6-tatami-mat, bathless apartment in Tachikawa, Tokyo. This marks the first full-length live-action adaptation of the long-running series "A Long Path to the Screen." Kenichi Matsuyama plays Jesus, whose trademarks are long hair, a beard, and a crown of thorns, while Shota Sometani portrays Buddha.

The video zooms from a grand view of Earth to the 6-tatami-mat apartment where Jesus and Buddha live. There, they are seen happily drinking beer.

In their usual daily routine, they are suddenly visited by guardian deities, angels, war gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons. Both angels and demons assemble in Japan! Furthermore, Jesus and Buddha transform into hero "Super Saint Holy Men" to fight the demons attempting to take over the world, confronting the most powerful and evil enemies.

At the end of the video, Buddha is seen wondering (complaining?) about three costume changes. What could these costume changes mean?

Additionally, a visual combining Jesus and Buddha's daily lives with their transformed Holy Men appearances has been revealed. This "Holy Men Transformation Visual" depicts both calm and action, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the small apartment and space, T-shirts and hero suits, serene expressions, and dignified appearances.