• 2024 Summer Season Anime List (broadcast in Japan)
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2024 Summer Season Anime List (broadcast in Japan)

2024 Summer Season Anime List

2024 Summer Season Anime List

We have listed the most anticipated anime starting in July 2024. This season is packed with hot topics! Which anime are you looking forward to?

With many notable works such as Oshi no Ko Season 2, which became a sensation with YOASOBI's "Idol," the new installment of Fairy Tail, FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest, and The Elusive Samurai, which depicts the tragic samurai family of Japan, which anime will become Heken Anime (the dominant hit)?


There are many items, so they are divided into pages alphabetically.
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・2.5 Dimensional Seduction
・A Heroic Tale of Exploration Starting from a Mob
・A Relaxing Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring
・Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian
・ATRI -My Dear Moments-
・Bye Bye, Earth
・Chi's Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation
・Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools
・Delico's Nursery
・Egumi Legacy
・Failure Frame
・FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest
・Grendizer U
・I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I'm the Strongest?
・Imouto Life

・KamiErabi GOD.app (Rebroadcast)
・Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2
・Kijin Gentosho
・Kimi ni Todoke 3rd Season
・Kinnikuman: Perfect Origin Arc
・Little Citizens Series
・Love cannot be divided by twins
・Midnight Punch
・Modern Mistranslation
・Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season
・Mononoke (Rebroadcast)
・My Wife Has No Emotions
・Nana Hana
・NieR:Automata Ver1.1a 2nd Cour
・No Longer Allowed in Another World

・Oshi no Ko Season 2
・Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Season II
・Person in the Dungeon
・Plus-Sized Elf
・Pseudo Harem
・Ramen Akaneko
・Sakuna of Rice and Ruin
・Sengoku Youko: The Chaos of a Thousand Demons Arc
・Senpai Is an Otokonoko
・Shika no Kono Kono Koko Shitan Tan
・SHY 2nd Season
・Stick Around! Puppy Season 2
・Suicide Squad Isekai
・Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Rebroadcast)

・Tasuu Ketsu
・Terminator Zero
・The Elusive Samurai
・The Girl Downstairs
・The Goddess's Cafe Terrace Season 2
・The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies
・The Rookie Middle-Aged Adventurer Was Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party to Become Invincible
・The Strongest Sorcerer of the Demon Lord's Army Was a Human
・This World is Too Incomplete
・Too Many Loser Heroines!
・Tower of God 2nd Season
・Twilight Out of Focus
・Ultraman Arc
・VTuber Legend
・Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?
・Wistoria of the Staff and Sword
・Yoasobi Gurashi!

2.5 Dimensional Seduction

2.5 Dimensional Seduction (Japanese: 2.5次元の誘惑)
(External Link)

"Liliel!!!" With no interest in real-life girls, manga research club president Okumura shouts the name of his beloved 2D character, Liliel, while alone in the club room. One day, a 3D girl named Ririsa Amano comes to him, saying, "I want to become Liliel." Ririsa loves the sexy and cute "costumes" of the girls that appear in manga. Moreover, she is a fellow otaku who loves Liliel just as much as Okumura! Ririsa, revealing her secret hobby of cosplay to Okumura, shows him her collection of "ROMs" filled with cosplay photos and videos and tells him, "I want to create this!" In the club room where they are alone, their cosplay activities begin! Ririsa, transformed into Liliel through cosplay, looks so real that Okumura is shocked! Driven by her passion, Okumura also picks up a camera! This cosplay youth story, dedicated to all otakus who "love something passionately," begins with their sincere and fervent approach to cosplay!

A Heroic Tale of Exploration Starting from a Mob

A Heroic Tale of Exploration Starting from a Mob (Japanese: モブから始まる探索英雄譚, Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan)
(External Link)

A Heroic Tale of an Ordinary High School Boy Rising to Greatness! Kaito Takagi, a high school student with low stats and essentially a mob character, hunts slimes in dungeons that appeared in Japan every day. He earns pocket money while secretly admiring his childhood friend, the class madonna. One day, an unfamiliar golden slime appears before him. Despite his confusion, he defeats it, and a super rare item worth billions, called a Servant Card, which can summon mythical beings, appears! When he makes up his mind and summons it, a Valkyrie of unimaginable beauty appears. Rise from being a mob explorer! The modern battle fantasy begins!

A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring

A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring (Japanese: 異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~)
(External Link)

Takumi Kayano, who lost his life due to a mistake by a god, is reincarnated. Granted various skills, he is sent to another world, which turns out to be a dangerous forest teeming with monsters.
In that forest, Takumi discovers young twin children, a boy and a girl, whom he names Allen and Elena, and decides to take them under his care. Amazed by the children's ability to easily defeat monsters with martial arts, Takumi registers with the Adventurer's Guild to make a living once they reach the town.
Thus begins his leisurely adventurer's life, watching over Allen and Elena as they grow.

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian (Japanese: 時々ボソッとロシア語でデレる隣のアーリャさん)

(External Link)

"И на меня тоже обрати внимание" - The stunning silver-haired beauty who sits next to me, Alya, sometimes speaks in Russian. She claims she's insulting me, but that's not the truth! Just now, in Russian, she actually said, "Pay attention to me!" The fact is, my Russian listening skills are at a native level. Unaware of this, Alya continues to sweetly dote on me in Russian! This is a youth romantic comedy with Alya, the high-spec Russian high school girl who is the envy of all the students!

ATRI -My Dear Moments-

ATRI -My Dear Moments- (Japanese: ATRI -My Dear Moments-)

(External Link)

In a near future where much of the Earth's surface has been submerged due to unexplained sea level rise, a boy named Natsuo Ikaruga, who lost a leg in an accident during his childhood, decides to leave city life behind and move to a rural seaside town.

All he has left are his late grandmother's ship and submersible—she was a marine geologist—and a mountain of debt. To reclaim his "lost future," Natsuo dives into an underwater warehouse where his grandmother's legacy is said to rest.

There, he discovers a mysterious girl named Atori sleeping inside a coffin-like device. She is a robot, so intricately designed and emotionally expressive that she could easily be mistaken for a human.

Bye Bye, Earth

Bye Bye, Earth (Japanese: ばいばい、アース)

(External Link)

In a world inhabited by beastmen who take on the forms of various animals, Labrak Bell was born as the only "human."

Without fangs, fur, or scales, she was called a "faceless one," and she lived her days feeling a sense of loneliness, unable to find anyone of her own kind.

"I want to blend in with the world too."
With this desire burning in her heart, she decides to embark on a journey to find her roots, carrying a greatsword as tall as herself, .
Unaware of the countless trials that await her in exchange.

The masterpiece novel by the genius Tow Ubukata, long considered impossible to adapt into visual media, is now finally being animated with a team of top Japanese creators!

Chi's Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation

Chi's Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation (Japanese: こねこのチー ポンポンらー夏休み)

(External Link)

Chi, the energetic little kitten, lives happily with the Yamada family, whom she loves dearly. As summer vacation approaches, a sudden business trip comes up for Dad—destination: Okinawa!

With Chi around, Dad initially plans to go alone, but Mom and Yohei beg, "We want to go too!" So, the entire Yamada family heads off to Okinawa together! Awaiting them are the shining sun, the vast ocean, and...!?

The beloved "Chi's Sweet Home" series, adored worldwide, returns with a brand-new installment. Set against the backdrop of Okinawa during summer vacation, Chi and Yohei's new encounters and adventures are about to begin.

Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools

Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools (Japanese: 魔導具師ダリヤはうつむかない)

(External Link)

The last sight she saw was her desk, cluttered with scattered documents. After working tirelessly through the night, her heart suddenly stopped. She had so many things she wanted to do, but to die slumped over her desk...

She was given a second chance at life in a world where magic exists. Her name is Dahlia Rosetti. In this world she now lives in, there are "magic tools" that make people's lives more convenient. Her father, Carlo, is generally sloppy in his daily life, but as a magic tool craftsman, he is highly respected.

Dahlia admires the magic tools her father creates and decides to become a magic tool craftsman herself. This is the story of her journey as a magic tool craftsman, moving forward and blossoming in her new life.

Delico's Nursery

Delico's Nursery (Japanese: デリコズ・ナーサリー)
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Dari Delico, a noble of the prestigious Delico family and a highly anticipated elite member of the "Blood Covenant Council," the supreme governing body of vampires, is given a mission by the council. However, Dari flatly refuses. Frustrated, his fellow council members Gerhard, Dino, and Enrique go to persuade him, only to find Dari himself caring for a young child.

Meanwhile, a series of mysterious murders targeting vampires is occurring in the city. It seems that the anti-social organization "Pendulum," suspected to be behind these murders, has a past connection with Dari.

"By my blood and honor, I will balance this mission and childcare—watch me achieve it!"
This is the story of noble vampires' struggle to fulfill their duty of nobility (noblesse oblige) while dealing with childcare. In a magnificent gothic world, can they manage to balance their absolute mission and the prideful chaos of raising children!?

Egumi Legacy

Egumi Legacy (Japanese: エグミレガシー)
(External Link)

Who will possess the "End of the World"...!?

In the middle of the sea floats the solitary "Egū Island." The island's only entertainment is the songstress known as the "End of the World." The villagers are enchanted by her voice every day. However, this peaceful time is shattered in an instant.

—The Disappearance of the Songstress—

Since this incident, the island has been overflowing with "anger," "suspicion," and "anxiety."

And so, various schemes begin to unfold...

The great Peropero war over the "End of the World" ensues! The fate of the island rests in the hands of the legendary heritage "Egumi Legacy."

Failure Frame

Failure Frame (Japanese: ハズレ枠の【状態異常スキル】で最強になった俺がすべてを蹂躙するまで)
(External Link)

Touka Mimori, a high school student who had always lived as a background character.

During a school trip, Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world.

According to the goddess who summoned them, it is rare to gather so many heroes of the highest S-rank and excellent A-rank.

However, Touka is the only one with the lowest rank—an E-rank hero.

Compared to his classmates, his stats are overwhelmingly low. Moreover, Touka's unique skill is considered utterly useless in that world—[Status Abnormality Skill]...

This is the tale of a once discarded hero, who was a background character, rising to become the absolute strongest demon in a story of revenge.

FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest

FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest (Japanese: FAIRY TAIL 100年クエスト)
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The Kingdom of Fiore's most famous and troublesome mage guild, "Fairy Tail." The strongest party within the guild, consisting of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Charle, is about to embark on a journey. Their destination is the distant northern land of Giltena, home to the world's oldest mage guild, "Magia Dragon."

Having overcome deadly battles with the dark mage Zeref and the black dragon Acnologia, Natsu and his friends have been granted special permission to undertake the "100-Year Quest," an even more advanced level than the S-Class quests.

The "100-Year Quest" is a legendary and extremely challenging task that no one has been able to complete for over a century since the founding of "Magia Dragon."

Encountering the "mysterious towns" of the new continent for the first time, meeting "enigmatic gods" for the first time, and facing "ominous enemies" beginning to move...

The thrilling new grand adventure of Natsu and the "Fairy Tail" guild is about to begin!

Grendizer U

Grendizer U (Japanese: グレンダイザーU)
(External Link)

The man who fell into the desert has no memory. He was found by Kouji Kabuto and named Daisuke. Kouji, a billionaire and hero due to the wealth amassed from his dream of clean photon energy, begins to trust Daisuke, who possesses an extraordinary talent despite having a mysterious aura.

Just when it seemed that peaceful days would continue, unidentified aerial phenomena appear above major cities worldwide. These are the Vega Star League forces, attacking from a star system far from Earth. Humanity is trampled underfoot by Vega, whose weapons far surpass Earth's.

Rising from the pool water like a fortress of iron, Mazinger Z stands as Earth's last hope, yet it struggles against the monstrous weaponry of the UFO Beasts. In this dire situation, a god of another world, Grendizer, appears, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Piloting Grendizer is none other than Daisuke, who is revealed to be Duke Fleed, the prince exiled from his home planet of Fleed.

I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I'm the Strongest?

I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I'm the Strongest? (Japanese: 俺は全てを【パリイ】する~逆勘違いの世界最強は冒険者になりたい~)
(External Link)

Traveling the world, fighting monsters, and protecting people. The boy, Noel, who dreamed of becoming such an adventurer, received a cruel judgment: "You have no talent in anything."

But if he has no talent, he just has to work harder than anyone else! Noel devoted himself to honing the lowest skill he possessed—parrying attacks with [Parry]—for over a decade, eventually growing to the point where he could deflect a thousand swords.

However, no matter how much he mastered his lowest skill, he couldn't become an adventurer. Unaware of his newfound world-class strength, Noel spent his days performing menial tasks around town.

Then one day, by chance, he rescued Princess Lien from a monster attack. This event set the gears of Noel's destiny turning in an unexpected direction...!

Imouto Life

Imouto Life (Japanese: 義妹生活)
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From classmates to siblings: daily life under one roof.

Yuta Asamura, a high school student, finds himself living under the same roof as Saki Ayase, the most beautiful girl in their grade, due to their parents' remarriage. Having both witnessed the discord in their parents' previous relationships, they share a cautious approach to romantic involvement. They promise to maintain an appropriate distance, neither getting too close nor clashing with each other.